High Risk Offenders Alcohol & Drug Service

High Risk Offenders Alcohol and Drug Service (HiROADS) is a specialist forensic alcohol and other drug (AOD) service designed to address the treatment needs of offenders with a high risk of recidivism and relapse into substance use. HiROADS clients are allocated an AOD clinician who has experience working with a forensic client population and can provide high quality, tailored individual counselling with a focus on substance use issues.

Who is this Service for?

HiROADS is a service delivered by Caraniche, in partnership with the Department of Health & Human Services, which provides drug and alcohol counselling to offenders who are assessed as having high treatment needs. This can include those with: serious violent or sex offences; a history of involvement with the criminal justice system and/or non-compliance with correctional orders; or difficulties engaging in treatment services.

Caraniche can receive HiROADS referrals from ACSO/COATS workers or Justice Case Workers for individuals currently involved in the criminal justice system. To refer a client, or for further information regarding HiROADS, please contact Caraniche. 

Contact Details

To make a referral to HiROADS, please call or email our Intake team. Our office is open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm.

Phone: (03) 8417 0500 

Email:  intake@caraniche.com.au


For further information about HiROADS, please contact Sally Thorpe, Senior Psychologist.