Making a Difference

In their words : Our clients tell their stories

Caraniche designs and delivers a broad range of AOD counselling and offence-focused treatment programs to male and female offenders across Victoria’s 13 public prisons. We asked some of our clients to tell us their story and why they’re engaging in treatment with Caraniche.

  • Alices story tile
    Alice’s story

    “Since being in prison, I’ve done both group programs and individual counselling with Caraniche. There have been sessions with my counsellor that I've just sobbed. We delve into so much. It's not just about drug and alcohol, it's about life.” Read Alice’s story here.

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    Sarah’s story

    “My Caraniche counsellor has been amazing. Every session just blows me away. I feel I owe her a lot. She's helped me see things more clearly. I'm excited about the future. I'm excited about leading a normal life.” Read Sarah’s story here.

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    Amy’s story

    “When I first went to prison, my mental health really suffered. Then I started counselling with Caraniche and everything started to improve.  I've learnt a lot about myself, and I'm 100 times better than when I first arrived.” Read Amy’s story here.

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    David’s story

    “I loved dirt bikes when I was a kid. We had a farm – about 150 hectares. Drug use for me started when I was 14, and crime started then too. The drug and alcohol programs I’ve done with Caraniche have turned me around in a big way.” Read David’s story here.  

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    Adam’s Story

    “The programs and individual counselling – they shift your perspective – comes from a place more centered on you. I’ve learnt to understand about victims, empathy and being heard.” Read Adam’s story here.

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    John’s story

    “I first started doing programs and counselling through Caraniche in 2006 at Barwon Prison. At first I started doing group to get out of work in the kitchen, but then it was because I was learning about myself. It’s a challenge, because I don’t like to talk. I’ve been a loner most of my life, I hold a lot back.” Read John’s story here.



    “Completing the program puts drug use into perspective and forces you to face things you didn’t want to face when you’re in the community.” “It taught me a lot about drug use: what triggers it, thoughts and behaviours towards drug use.” Read more participant feedback here.

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    KickStart Participant Feedback:

    “I am more confident in myself knowing that I don’t need drugs to live a happy life.” “It made me realise that I am worth something.” “It increased my motivation to stay off drugs. I learnt about the affects it can have on you, health and your family.” Read more participant feedback here.